[Discover Your Super Powers Part 1 of 4] Do You Have Super Powers?

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[Discover Your Super Powers Part 1 of 4]  Do You Have Super Powers?
Remember when you were a kid and you made a cape out of towels and pretended to fly around? How about the time you made wrist cuffs that could do cool things like deflect bullets?

Maybe that was just me…

What I didn’t know then, while I was pretending to have Super Powers, is that I actually do have Super Powers, and you do, too.

Super Powers are special abilities that are inherent to you. You’re born with them, and no matter how hard someone else tries they can never do that thing the way you do it. For them it’s a learned skill, for you its second nature; you can’t help but do it.

You may not recognize what you’re doing as a Super Power, unknowingly taking it for granted. Often these are the things you do on a regular basis, sort of like a fish swimming in water. The fish just swims, not thinking about the swimming or the water he’s in, it’s just how it is for him. That’s how your Super Powers are for you.

Super Powers come in many forms. They are things like being able to see what something will look like in the future, whether it’s a trend, a work project, or a house you’re fixing up. It’s being able to take an issue and deliberate on all sides of it, really check it out from every angle, and reach a solid decision regarding what to do about it. It’s looking someone in the eye and really seeing them, deep into them, in a way that no one else does.

Super Powers rock.

When you play to your Super Powers, some very cool things happen.


  • Gain self-respect and own your expertise.
  • Give yourself permission to go for it, especially where you may have held back in the past.
  • Have increased ease and flow in your life.
  • Experience the relief that comes when you focus on what you’re good at and get better at those things, rather than trying to shore up your weaknesses or be well rounded.
  • Have peace of mind, confidence and clarity.
  • Are more yourself, more relaxed, and have a greater ability to listen to your inner guidance.
  • Know where to put your attention, personally and professionally.

When you are working against your Super Powers, things don’t go so well.

  • Things feel harder and take longer.
  • You’re less energized / more drained at the end of the day.
  • You’re grumpier.
  • You’re less fulfilled and have a lower feeling of overall satisfaction. You put out a lot of effort and get back minimal results.

If you’re asking yourself, “Do I really have Super Powers – really – me?”, the answer is yes.

Acknowledging that you have Super Powers, and owning them, gives you a level of knowing yourself that is deeply empowering. This makes your life easier by allowing you to focus more on the things that bring you joy and satisfaction, and that’s almost better than wearing a cape.



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