[Super Powers Part 4] Using Your Super Powers in Your Life & Business

Discovering and using your Super Powers is the most powerful way I know to create a business and life that you love and to be of service to others. This series has looked at what Super Powers are and why they matter, as well as several approaches to discovering what your Super Powers are. This conclusion will help you pull these aspects together and give you ideas on how to apply what you’ve discovered.

In case you missed the first three parts, I recommend reading them in order, as they’ll make the suggestions below make more sense: I’ll wait here until you catch up.

  1. What Super Powers Are and Why They Matter
  1. How to Discover Your Super Powers Objectively, Using Assessments
  1. How to Discover Your Super Powers Subjectively, through Personal Reflection


Using Your Super Powers Can Be Fun and Rewarding

Now that you know you have Super Powers, and have taken the time to discover what they are, you’ll want to use them.

  • Use your Super Powers often and you’ll be more effective; weave them into your daily life. This allows you to work at your peak, which inspires others – they’ll want some of what you’ve got.
  • Look for where you’re already using your Super Powers, and see if there are ways you can do those things more: more often, more deeply.
  • If there are things you’ve been holding back from doing, especially if they play to your Super Powers, give yourself permission to do them. You’ll be more satisfied overall, which translates into increased productivity, creativity and flow.
  • The more you use your Super Powers for good (rather than evil), the more you’ll live with groundedness and certainty.


Forget about Doing Everything

Who made up that being well rounded was the best way to be?

  • As much as possible, only do those things that are your Super Powers.
  • Do your best to stop doing anything that isn’t a Super Power of yours. Trying to do everything is bad for you, depleting your energy and messing up your mojo.
  • Outsource as much as you can. If for some reason you can’t stop doing a task that you’re ill-suited for, find ways to minimize your time with it and make it as painless as possible. Set a timer, set your environment up so you can do the task as quickly and easily as possible, and reward yourself once it’s complete.
  • Forget about fixing your faults. Knowing your Super Powers gives you permission to play to your strengths. You don’t get points for being well-rounded or shoring up your weaknesses, so make it easy on yourself and spend your time on those things that are a natural fit for you and let the rest go. It’s OK to be a one trick pony, if that trick is your Super Power.


An Easy Formula

Use this formula to remind you about the importance of your Super Powers.

+ Discover your Super Powers

+ Take care of your needs by integrating your Super Powers into your everyday life

– Let go of fixing your weaknesses

= You are more available to be present for yourself & others

= People get to know & trust you

= More business, more impact, more fun

Taking the time to discover and use your Super Powers is a rewarding experience. Give yourself the gift of living in the flow — and enjoy!


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