Learn to Live Like You and Your Business are Partners

you and your business are partners 2

Consider this: you and your business are partners.

Not that you have a business partner, but rather your business is a separate entity from you, and the two of you work in partnership to bring good work into the world.


If you thought about it this way, how would it change the way you approach your business?


Think of you and your business as a two-circle Venn diagram.


One circle represents you, the other circle represents your business, and the space where the circles overlap represents the work you two do together. This implies that you and your business both have thoughts, ideas, and inspirations, and when the two of you come together you can create amazing work in the world – work that changes the lives of those you serve.


KC You & Biz Partners VEN Diagram


When I stumbled upon this idea for myself, it felt like a revelation, and quite frankly, a relief. The relief came from the realization that I didn’t have to be in charge of everything, that all the responsibility for everything wasn’t solely on my shoulders anymore. I sensed something larger than me was present, and that my business and I could work together to create a vision and strategy that I could then carry out. As esoteric as this sounds, this has made things So. Much. Easier.


My business and I can work together to create a vision and strategy that I can then carry out.


When you’re in business for yourself, it’s easy to collapse your personal and business lives together.


It’s a natural tendency, yet it robs you and your business.


Having clarity about where you end and your business begins creates the space you both need to thrive.


It allows you to create the life that you want, and allows your business to do the same. Imagine the freedom in  knowing your partner– your business – has your back, and you have its.


If this feels like just too bizarre of a concept, I understand. It felt like that to me too until I had an epiphany one day in the form of a knowing: suddenly I just knew that my business wasn’t mineit was a separate entity that wanted to work with me. The more I’ve leaned into this concept, the more I’ve enjoyed my work and been inspired to create new things with my business.


If you’re up for an experiment, try meeting your business today. If you’re not sure how to go about that, use your imagination, or check out this article. There are no rules; it’s whatever you, and your business, make up. Once you get the hang of it, my hunch is you’ll be pleasantly surprised by all you can do together when you act like you and your business are partners.


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