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Tuesday, Aug 14th
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Greetings from sunny San Francisco – warm summer is finally catching up
with us here. Recently I was discussing the idea of being a leader
with one of my entrepreneurial colleagues and it occurred to me how
much for granted he took his own leadership and ability to lead. I
know not everyone is born with a well developed leadership gene, so
read on for more thoughts below.

I hope all is well with you, and as always I love hearing from you.
Drop me a line and let me know how you’re doing, and how you developed
your leadership style. Today is dedicated to you as leader ~ rock on.


=Be Your Own Leader=
Over the years as I’ve talked to successful business owners, one of the
traits that comes up often is that of being a leader. Some are already
natural leaders and are comfortable with being in charge; others are
reluctant leaders who’ve had to grow into the idea and reality of being
the top dog.

Exhibiting leadership is taken for granted by some; they just seem to
have it in their bones. If this is you, fantastic! All I ask is that
you use this Super Power for good (rather than evil). If you find
yourself more in the reluctant leader category, the question becomes
how do you develop your leadership skills and step into this role?

Here are a few things you might try:

1. Find a leader you admire and emulate them for a day. Invite them to
be on your inner board of directors and consult with them as your build
your own leadership muscle. How would they approach this situation,
challenge, opportunity?
2. Get a mentor. Who do you know who could act as a mentor to you?
If you’re not sure who to ask, [1]SCORE offers mentoring
from retired business owners in many fields. Its all volunteer and
its all free.
3. Remember your leadership style is your own. As you read articles,
books, blogs and the like they’ll each have their own ideas about how
to be a leader. Ultimately you are your own leader, so take what fits
for you from these resources and leave the rest.

Give yourself the challenge of being a leader in your business. Try
this on for a week and see what is new and different. Call your
boldness forward and allow your business to thrive as a result!

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=On the Calendar=
Tuesday in SF: Meeting with Andrea Lee, my friend and mentor, before
her presentation at the San Francisco Bay Area Coaches meeting
October in Saragoga: Doing a StrengthsFinder evaluation for the
leadership team at West Valley Community College

=What I’m up to=
Just finished watching the Olympics and am so proud of how all the
countries and athletes conducted themselves; that level of dedication
is inspiring to me
Grilling now that the weather is nice
Using EFT to remove blocks in my business

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