It’s Labor Day – How Much are You Laboring?

Tuesday, Aug 28th
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Summer in San Francisco and the sun is here – hard to believe it’s
almost Labor Day! I’m looking forward to grilling on the deck and
enjoying a few days off, which has got me thinking about how hard we
all work. Read below for ideas on how you can make your laboring make

If you’re in or around SF let me know, would love to have coffee and
spend time with you in person!



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=How Much Are You Laboring?=

As Labor Day approaches I’m wondering how much work you are really
doing, and how much of that work is relevant? This seems like a fairly
easy question to answer, and yet I have clients and colleagues who
struggle with it. Here are a couple of examples:

>> A client is fantastic at completing a lot of tasks and taking a lot
of action. From the outside it looks like tons is getting done; yet
once you look at what actions are taking place, and how they do – or
don’t – relate to the client’s stated goal, that action begins to look
more like busywork.

>> A colleague has a goal that would intimidate most ordinary people
and the corresponding
to do lists that go with it. He spends his days working, and sometimes
his nights and weekends, too. When he takes a break he’s either lying
on the couch, semi-comatose, or over indulging with friends to blow off
steam. The result is that his business and goals are moving ahead at
the expense of time for himself and his relationships.





When considering how much you’re laboring, consider these factors, and
remember that there is no right or wrong answer:

First, taking inspired action toward your stated goal is admirable
*and* you want to make sure the goal you’re after is relevant to you.
Does it really mean something to you? Will you or others be better off
in some way by accomplishing this goal? When you think of pursuing it,
do you smile and get excited? Being motivated by your goal is
essential to taking the action required.

Next, you want to double check that the actions you are taking make
sense in achieving the goal. Literally ask yourself, “Does the action
I’m about to take draw a straight line toward accomplishing my goal?”
If it doesn’t, question whether or not you want to take that particular
action right now, or if perhaps there is a different action that speaks
more directly to your goal.

Finally, check in with yourself and see if the goal is worth the cost,
literally, emotionally, physically, spiritually. What effort will it
require? How much money will you have to pour into it? What will your
work and personal life look and feel like while you pursue this goal?
Are the answers to these questions OK with you?

If you’ve conducted this inventory, and all seems in alignment, then
it’s time to get going! With regards to my colleague and client, my
colleague has chosen to continue to pursue his goal and put all the
other aspects of his life on hold for the next year or so. He feels
that strongly about what he’s doing and feels the sacrifices he’s
making personally are worth it. My client has agreed to look more
closely at the actions she’s taking and only take those actions that
are most closely related to achieving her goal. Whatever you decide is
great – please make sure that it makes sense to you and you are
laboring in the right way for what you’re up to!

=Client Spotlight=
A while back I mentioned mind mapping and what a powerful tool it can
be to clear your head, see where the energy is, and give yourself a
forum to explore options. If you missed it, you can read more about it

Allison Zuchman, of [3]AZ Yoga, recently took on the task of sorting
out her next business steps using a mind map and was kind enough to
send along this picture. Impressive!

What might you use a mind map for? Share what you love about mind
mapping, as well as pictures of your favorite mind maps, by hitting

Thanks for the inspiration, Allison!

=On the Calendar=
Friday, September 7 ~virtual~ conference call line: Get *stuff* Done
Saturday, September 8 in SF: Attending TEDx Presidio, “Reinventing
October in Saragoga: Doing a StrengthsFinder evaluation for the
leadership team at West Valley Community College

=What I’m up to=
Joining the SEC happy hour this week to kick off Texas Aggie football
Reading The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg – love it!
Enjoying the warm weather

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