What to do when it feels like it’s not working

Tuesday, Sep 4th
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Lately I’ve been running experiments with parts of my business and have
felt like it’s just not working; maybe you’ve felt that same way at
some point? Read on for thoughts on what to do when you’re not feeling

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=What to do when it feels like it’s not working=

Comes a time in every business owner’s life, regardless of how big or
small the business it, how long you’ve been in business, or how
successful you are, when something you’re trying just isn’t working.

>> It may feel like you’re putting in a disproportionate amount of
effort in to creating or accomplishing something and you aren’t seeing
>> You may have the -best- idea about a new product or service, yet
when you put it out there no one buys.
>> Perhaps there’s a message you’re communicating that seems straight
forward to you, and when you look at the responses you get back you see
that the message you intended isn’t landing at all.
>> You’re overall intention for your business isn’t being realized

There are all sorts of marketing whatnots we could look into, things
about keeping your message and intention clear, taking persistent
action, etc.; all well and valid and worth checking into. What we’re
talking about right now, however, is what happens to you, the person
and business owner, when what you’re doing feels like it’s not working.

Maybe you recognize these:

>> Feeling drained, defeated
>> Being unsure of what to do next or where to go with things
>> Taking the next step seems daunting
>> Listening to the voice in your head say things like, “I told you so”
or “Now is a good time to call it quits with this (business / project /

When you feel like this, taking any sort of action can seem hard. Here
are a few suggestions to try out and see what kind of relief they might
offer you:

1. Remember you are only human and show compassion for yourself
If you’re not accustomed to being compassionate toward yourself, or are
unsure how to do it, think of what solace you would offer someone
suffering in the way(s) you are and then turn that on yourself. Would
you recommend a hot bath, a day off, a brainstorming session, watch a
movie? Compassion for others is a great thing, and if you don’t offer
it to yourself, too, then it becomes that much harder to act on your
big plans.

2. Have a Plan B, maybe even a Plan C
I’ve got two over achieving colleagues who never considered having a
back up plan – it is always full on Plan A or nothing – talk about
exhausting! Especially when Plan A isn’t working; give yourself the
opportunity to cultivate several options to take some pressure off and
allow you to come at something from a different angle.

3. Get support
Call a friend, colleague, coach, therapist, spiritual adviser – whoever
you feel comfortable talking with about what’s going on for you. An
outside perspective is great for seeing your situation in a new light,
validating what you’re going through, and offering possible new ways of
being and/or course of action.

An example to illustrate the above:
I’ve been working to develop a database of organizations that may be
interested in hiring me as a speaker. I’ve hired several assistants,
posted the job on oDesk, and hired a colleague’s VA to work on it, all
to no avail. How hard can this be, right? In talking with a colleague
it became apparent that the way I was phrasing things made the project
seem daunting to potential assistants and made it harder than it needed
to be to accomplish the task. Another colleague mentioned, when I
explained how frustrated I was, that if I didn’t develop more
compassion for myself I was only making the project harder on me. Yet
a third person offered to take a look at my criteria and re-write it in
a more effective way.
Net result: I have a lady working on it now who understands what I want
and has clear direction, and I’m much closer to having the database I’m
looking for. I feel calmer and the project is moving forward.

Let me know what feels like it’s not working for you and what you are,
or have tried, doing about it. Hit reply and remember, sharing your
experience helps us all!

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