Living & Working with What Matters Most

Living and Working with what matters most

What’s truly important to you in life and business?

Chances are it’s a pretty short list, so why would you spend your time doing anything other than those things?

And yet, it’s so easy to do without realizing it.

Imagine a life where the majority of your time was spent on only those things that matter to you most.

Where your attention was disproportionally drawn to the aspects of life and business that feed your soul, and nourish those around you.


How do you arrange such a life?

  1. First, of course, you need to know what’s truly important.
  2. Next, give yourself permission to focus on it.
  3. Then, release any guilt or supposed-tos around letting everything else go.


Easy enough, right? Oh, if only!


Life has a way of getting complicated. Your business has demands. Your friends, family, clients all need you. And the cat isn’t going to feed herself! You need a plan to keep you steady when you get pulled in directions other than what’s most important.


Start with asking the most important question: What matters to you most?


As you read this, there’s a good chance a few things have come up – spending time with your children, taking good care of your clients, paying attention to your health, etc. Jot down what comes up, then review the list; only those things that are truly important make the final cut.


As for a plan, it can be simple, something like the 80/20 rule, where you spend 80% of your time on those things that are most important, and only 20% on the other items. You can monitor what goes on your calendar, being careful about what you spend your time on, and all while whispering, “I have permission to focus on what matters to me most.”


Give yourself permission to play around with focusing just on what matters most, and see what happens. Things might be a little bumpy as you start, which makes sense because this is a new muscle you’re building. Stick with it and adjust as necessary – before too long you’ll find yourself living into what matters most to you, and enjoying every minute of it.



If you’re curious about what a reinvention might look like, check out this post. (And don’t miss Part 2!)

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