Why Reinvent Yourself?

Why Reinvent Yourself | Kristine Carey

You may be wondering why you might want to reinvent yourself. 


There are two main whys…


1: Reasons


There might be many reasons you’re wishing for a change in your life right now…


like a business not making as much income as you’d like it to, 


a day-to-day life that feels misaligned with the core of who you are, 


or a personal life that’s just not working. 


From big to small, I’m sure you’ve got aspects of your life that could stand a little reinvention. I encourage you to grab your notebook and jot them down right now while they’re fresh in your mind. You can use these to keep you motivated as you travel along this path.


Seriously, list out all the things, big and small, as to why a reinvention sounds appealing. Only list the good ones though, no should or supposed to’s.

2: Because


You don’t need any more reason than Because. Truly, you can embark on a reinvention just because you want to, because last time I checked you were the boss of you, which is plenty reason enough. All you need is to give yourself permission, and if it helps, I’m giving you permission, too.


To review:

You can reinvent yourself just Because.


Because you’ve had something on your mind that you’re curious about, that periodically whispers in your ear…


(maybe you should check this out).

Because you’ve decided, and it just may be easier than you think.


This is Part 2 of my Reinvention Series. Read the full series here:

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An Invitation

Join me in the Reinvention Journey Community, where conversations just like this happen on a monthly basis.

Jump in with other re-inventors like yourself, and become part of a unique community. 

You’ll learn things. You’ll get to know groovy cats.  You’ll get stuff done. It’s gunna be great!

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