What Can You Do to Keep Your Reinvention on Track?

What Can You Do to Keep Your Reinvention on Track?

Let’s say you’ve taken your first step toward your reinvention. You created a vision, believed in yourself, admitted your fear, and got started. Nicely done!


Now, how do you keep going?


Keeping going is a real thing. When you begin, there’s often excitement, which creates momentum. Then at some point, fears may start to creep in, doubts about your direction, or your ability to do what you imagined.


Who am I to reinvent myself?

Do I have what it takes to really pull this off?

What if my clients / friends / family don’t like how I change?

This feels like more work than I’m up for. Maybe things are good enough as they are…


This voice inside your head is doing its best to keep you “safe” from undertaking any action that could bring you harm. It’s important to note that this voice doesn’t understand the difference between something chasing you on the savannah (true danger), and the reinvention you’re up to (perceived danger).


To get out of this safety-danger-trap, tell yourself the truth: you’re undertaking this reinvention because you said so, want to, and need to — and you absolutely have what it takes to keep going. Really.


What truth can you name to yourself right now that’ll allow you to continue on your journey? Write it down, say it out loud, and then, keep going.



For our next and final installment, we’ll look at how you don’t need to do this alone…


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