So You Have a Marketing Plan ~ Now What? [+ Video]

So you’ve made a marketing plan – now what do you do with it?

Shove it under a stack of papers on your desk? Tempting… yet since you’ve gone to all the trouble to create it, why not go ahead and put it into action?

While watching this video, take a minute and think through what you need to put your plan into action. Once you’ve got a plan and a vision, going for it can be easy!


A note about the video:

I recorded this in the Rattlesnake Wilderness Area near Missoula, Montana.

You’ll notice the sound level is low, and hear the snapping of twigs and some impressive thunder in the background (it started pouring just a few minutes after this).

If I were going for perfection, I’d have done the whole thing over, yet I decided to leave it because it’s a great example of just getting going on your plan, despite all the things.

What permission can you give yourself regarding putting your plan into action, no matter what?


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