Reinventing Your Year

Reinventing Your Year

The beginning of the year always feels like a precious time to me: quiet, still, hopeful, ripe with possibilities.


The perfect time to pause, notice, and create.


to reflect on the you of now, who you’re being, what you’re doing.


how much you’re enjoying your life and work.


the life and work that are the just right, perfect fit for you.

Give yourself the space and permission to really look at where you’re at, and consciously choose where you’d like to go.

To set the stage for reinventing your year in 2023…

let’s start at the beginning and take stock of where you’re at right now.

Having a feel for your present reality helps you understand what’s going, both pro and con, in all aspects of your life. This awareness helps you leverage what’s working, and supports you in reinventing those aspects you’re not enjoying as much.

  • Remember that when thinking about all this, there are no hard and fast rules.
  • There’s no perfect life to aspire toward, only the life that looks and feels like you, and how you’d like to live. As you think about the areas in your life
    • What do they tell you about how you’re doing right now?
    • What area stands out as a natural place to celebrate what’s going well?
    • What area could use some extra attention?
    • How can you use the positive energy in the area that’s going well to get better traction in the area you’d like to give extra attention to?
  • Be a compassionate grader when grading yourself, and do your best not to hold yourself to an impossible external standard.
  • Once your reflection is complete, post your discoveries where you can see them as a reminder of where you’re at, and where you’re headed.
  • Feel free to revisit this exercise every 6-12 months to keep yourself and track, and course correct as you grow, develop, and continually reinvent yourself.

Use this year as a place to put all your hopes, dreams, plans, and possibly-maybes into, and live your way into something amazing. Reinventing your year could lead to the best life ever!

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