Reinventing Finishing Well

Reinventing Finishing Well

This year, however you normally approach the end of the year, consider doing the opposite.


If you usually bust a move to get everything done, do less. If you normally take it easy, take on a project. There’s only one rule: you must be kind to yourself.


No pushing. No forcing. No have to, supposed to, or just one more thing. Whatever you do, it must be intentional such that you can be fully present, and breathe.


What would finishing well this year look like if you took this approach?


My hunch is it would be spacious and freeing, maybe with a touch of this isn’t how I normally do things, which is a good thing.


Finding freedom and spaciousness at year’s end can be challenging. There’s pressure to “finish strong.” Being kind to yourself can get lost in a sea of obligations, compressed work schedules, and holidays. And then there’s the internal dialogue that lists all the things you’d do by year’s end if you were a responsible person and business owner… no wonder you’re not breathing –there’s no air left.


Doing the opposite allows you to question your usual pattern and take a different route. It’s your permission slip to do things differently this year, and discover what finishing the year well means without all the pressure and rushing. Doing the opposite is like turning over your snow globe and getting a fresh perspective.


Turn over the snow globe of the next few months, and notice how gently the snow falls. How can you approach the end of the year this gently?


Here’s to doing the opposite and finishing well this year, with kindness and plenty of breathing room.



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