This Year Will Be Different

This year will be different - man wearing ok hat

How many times have you said, “This year will be different!” in January? Or in slight desperation and defiant hope, uttered, “Next year will be different!” in December?


And you really meant it.


The year rolls by, and you do the best you can to keep up with daily demands: take care of your clients, market for new business, balance your bank account, walk the dog, remember to exercise and eat more veggies, call your mother, meet friends for a movie, take a few minutes to focus on your macramé…. It seems like a never-ending stream of business and people and things vying for your attention. At some point during the year, you pause to take a breath and think about all those ideas you had – your renewed energy and determination to make this year different – and realize that time has flown by.


So much energy goes toward wanting things to be different; little of your precious time is focused on what’s going well. Are your business and life really that bad?


What if everything is already great, perfectly OK, totally acceptable, just as it is?


Not to be too Pollyanna – of course there are things you’d like to change or upgrade, in your business and life. And maybe you’ve had a rough year (I’m sorry). All the more reason to look at what’s going well and use it as a springboard to create even more of what you want. Focusing on what’s right feeds your soul, gives you a positive place to work from, and provides momentum to go further. Being hard on yourself will only get you so far. Ultimately, it’s the good juju and acknowledgments of the positive that create the business and life you want to live, in a pleasant and sustainable way.


As you reflect on this year, and look ahead to next, give yourself the gift of acknowledging what’s right and working in your world, and build from there. It’s OK for things to be going well. Make this year’s striving rooted in gratitude for and recognition of what’s going well in your life and business, and be ready to be amazed at how far you can go from there.

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