When Things Fall Apart

Breathe when things fall apart

Sometimes it’s hard to have perspective when things around you feel like they’re falling apart. Your best laid plans for work and life seem to be slowly unraveling, and your world feels topsy-turvy. What to do?


Breathe because your body needs oxygen. Breathe because you need the lightness that air brings. Breathe because it’s an acknowledgment of where you are now. Breathe because it’s the start of a new beginning.

It’s jarring when your world falls apart. The ground underneath you feels shaky, and you may not know what direction to go in, nor who or what to turn to.

Take another breath. Feel the cleansing air and the subtle hope it carries.

Notice all the things that are causing you to hold your breath. Express them. Say all the unsayables; experience all the anger, frustration and confusion; and feel all the feels.

Empty your mind.

Notice how much you’re making up a story and compare it to the truth of the facts. It’s the story that robs you of your vital air. Separate the facts of what’s happening from the story you’re telling yourself and be present, more empowered and more peaceful.

From this vantage point, anything is possible. Here you have your power back, your vision clear. From here, a path forward begins to emerge.

You can’t push the river. It’s going to flow where it wants, and your best move is to go with the current. Ride the river, remembering not to cling to the shore; this will keep you from drowning.

You’re on a Hero’s Journey, the courageous path that takes you to places you could only imagine and beyond. You can’t make the journey unless you let go and go with the flow. And make no mistake; this is absolutely a journey, one that’s calling you forth to a greater place.

Be still. Acknowledge what is and work with it. See the path forward and take courageous steps. Let go of those things that are being cleared out.

Breathe. Now’s the time.

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