Recommended listening while reading this article: Glenn Gould plays Georges Bizet Nocturne in D major As the end of the year approaches, there is much to do about getting things wrapped up in 2015 (finish the year strong!), setting New Year’s resolutions (2016 is going to be the year I go to the gym!), and…

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Keeping Your Pipeline Full

  If you’ve been in business for any length of time, you’re likely familiar with the phrase “filling the pipeline”. Or in other words, making sure you’ve got enough potential people interested in your services to keep your business going. As important as this is, and as much sense as it makes, it’s amazing how…

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You, you can stay

Monday, Nov 26th a message from =KRISTINE CAREY ~ CATALYST= Being in Dallas for Thanksgiving has been nice, seeing friends and hanging out with my family. Which lead me to think about who is in my life, and who is in my business / who I do business with. Today’s article is about choosing who you…

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What do you want for the last two months of 2012?

Monday, Nov 5th a message from =KRISTINE CAREY ~ CATALYST= Time is flying as November begins and I feel as though I’m just about ready to begin on some of the projects I planned earlier this year. There is literally not enough time to do everything I had planned on, which means it’s time to make…

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Being an Introvert and what that has to do with Biz

Tuesday, Sep 18th a message from =KRISTINE CAREY ~ CATALYST= Today I’m thinking about being an introvert vs. extrovert and what impact that has on your business; read below for thoughts on that. I’m also excited to continue working on a new pocket book about the traits of successful business owners – more on that as…

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It’s Labor Day – How Much are You Laboring?

Tuesday, Aug 28th a message from =KRISTINE CAREY ~ CATALYST= Summer in San Francisco and the sun is here – hard to believe it’s almost Labor Day! I’m looking forward to grilling on the deck and enjoying a few days off, which has got me thinking about how hard we all work. Read below for ideas…

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What happens when you’re successful?

Tuesday Jul 17th a message from =KRISTINE CAREY ~ CATALYST= It’s a cold summer here in San Francisco – I started my day off wearing a down vest! This weather puts me in the mood hunker down to focus more on my business, which leads me to today’s topic: what happens to your relationships when you’re…

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How much difference does a designated space make?

I’m pretty sure that not having my own designated space would be hard for me. When I worked in an office I was sensitive to where my desk was placed: who was near me, the air conditioner vents, traffic flow, sounds, etc. Now that I work for myself I have my “official” desk in my home office…

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What I realized about Blade Runner…

Recently I had dinner with a friend of mine, a very successful and accomplished entrepreneur.  He was clearly in the twister; he later said how grateful he was he didn’t do a face plant into his dinner plate that night due to the stress and exhaustion he was feeling.  I see this a lot in…

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