Overcoming the Fear of What Stops You [+Video]

Last year was quite a year, and it’s left me with the question of what holds me back – beyond a pandemic, of course. As a long-time business owner, there are plenty of things I could list: negative self-talk, faulty assumptions, out-of-date self-image… Yet through it all, I know there’s a way to overcome what’s been holding me back,…

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The Shove that was 2020

Let’s face it – 2020 wasn’t the year any of us thought it would be. As a business owner, you know the importance of staying nimble, being flexible, and keeping your eyes open for opportunities, and it seems 2020 has put those qualities to the test. I was talking with a colleague about this and…

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Reinventing Success

How successful do you feel in your business?   Chances are, you’re accustomed to working from a definition of success that’s pretty straight forward. Or perhaps you haven’t spelled out what success in your business means, and you’ve been floating happily along. Either way, my hunch is that the pandemic has altered how you’re looking…

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More Thoughts on “Including That”

In these past weeks I’ve been playing with July’s theme, “I think I’ll include that,” watching all the ways it seems easy for me to include things, and feeling a bit sheepish about the ways I push against things that just are.   This past week, I had another chance to notice this. On Fridays,…

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What’s Possible?

From this place right now, as you look out at the next hour, week, or lifetime – what’s possible? I mean, really possible? Imagine allowing yourself to dream, to go into the places you’ve been too shy to admit, or scared to try, or hesitant to even think about. …could I really work for myself?…

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Now’s the time

Imagine back to when you were working “normally.” If you’re like a lot of us, you may have been wondering about changing things up – maybe you were thinking about introducing something different, like a new direction in your business, or switching the focus of what you offer and to whom. Or maybe you were…

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A Call To Entrepreneurial Arms

Entrepreneurial Arms - Flower in field with lights

I have a dream. A dream that you can have work that nourishes your soul. Work that allows you to use your Super Powers. Work that affords you the freedom, time, space, and finances to do the things you love in life. Work that sustains your soul. Some people call it work, others a vocation,…

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This Year Will Be Different

This year will be different - man wearing ok hat

How many times have you said, “This year will be different!” in January? Or in slight desperation and defiant hope, uttered, “Next year will be different!” in December?   And you really meant it.   The year rolls by, and you do the best you can to keep up with daily demands: take care of…

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When Things Fall Apart

Breathe when things fall apart

Sometimes it’s hard to have perspective when things around you feel like they’re falling apart. Your best laid plans for work and life seem to be slowly unraveling, and your world feels topsy-turvy. What to do? Breathe. Breathe because your body needs oxygen. Breathe because you need the lightness that air brings. Breathe because it’s…

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